So you want to go on a photo tour with STILLS Photo Tours to a great location with your partner.
There may be just one problem … you love photography and your partner doesn’t !!
We have the solution … Our “TOUR-IN-TANDEM” tours have been created especially for partners.

You dedicate your days with us improving your photographic skills under the guidance of David Still and relax in the knowledge your partner is enjoying their day, doing what they love.

While both of you join us on the photo tour, your day is packed full of adventures, exploring and capturing the best photographic opportunities that David Still reveals to you. While you can totally immerse yourself in photography, you can relax in the knowledge that your partner is able to indulge in one of their passions.

Most of our partner tours are native to the destinations. Examples could be golfing, fishing, skiing, local cookery lessons, hot air ballooning, horseback riding, wine tours, thermal spas, pampering, shopping etc. Some of our photo tours have scheduled pre-selected excursions already organised to make your partners day full of fun.

The best part, is that at the end of each day you will re-unite with your partner at your comfortable accommodation and be able to share in each others exciting day.

Most tours for partners are subject to numbers attending. Simply choose the photo tour you would like to attend and email us with your requirements for your partner and we will try our best to please.

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So you have a group of people who would like to join us on a photo tour that is not currently offered?  Do you have a yearning to discover and photograph a special place in the world? We can design a bespoke photo tour to anywhere … from Alaska to the Antarctic.

Whether you are a group of friends from a camera club, a group of social friends or a group of couples … This is a great way for everyone to relax while touring a beautiful country capturing amazing images of your chosen location.

Come back from your adventure clutching a fist-full of awesome images that will dazzle your friends and family, after learning skills and techniques that you will have for your lifetime.

Every step of the way David Still is there to guide you and share his many years of expertise. You will proudly return home with a load of fabulous photos and an improved photographic knowledge that will last a lifetime.

Simply choose the location you would like to explore and email us. We look forward to hearing from you so we can collaborate on your adventure and talk about locations, dates and how many are keen to experience it with you. If there are people in the group who have a passion other than photography … just let us know so we can try to create a  “TOUR-IN-TANDEM” tour especially for them.


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