Q:  How do I book my photo tour?
A:  Click on the Book Tour Now Button to complete the booking form.

Q:  How do I pay for my photo tour?
A:  Once you have completed the booking form we will provide you with payment details. You are able to pay via bank transfer. and we will provide those details once we receive your full details and intentions from the booking form we have filled out on our website. The exchange rate will be calculated automatically by the bank on the day of the transaction. Once your funds have been cleared you will receive a confirmation email.

Q:  When is payment required?
A:  The photo tour that you wish to book a place on has a list of tour details. There you will see the deposit amount which is required at the time of booking. The remaining balance is due no later than 45 days prior to the photo tour commencement date. Bookings made closer to the photo tour date than these times need to be paid in full upon confirmation of your photo tour space.

Q:  What is included in the photo tour fee?
A:  On the photo tour page of your chosen photo tour, there is a full list of inclusions and exclusions.

Q:  Do I need travel insurance?
A:  This is not included in our photo tour fee. We strongly recommend that you independently purchase your own personal travel/medical insurance. Travel/medical insurance will give you peace of mind in any circumstance just like any other vacation.

Q:  Should I arrive at the photo tour location a day or two prior to commencement date to recover from jetlag?
A:  To ensure you are refreshed and ready to gain the most from your photo tour experience, it may be advisable to arrive at least one day before the photo tour begins. If you require this, please add in into the message area of your booking form so we can see if it is possible to be booked in to the same accommodation as the photo tour is booked in with.

Q:  Can you arrange accommodation for me pre and post photo tour?
A:  Yes. Simply add it into the message area of your booking form so we can see if it is possible to arrange.

Q:  How much luggage can I bring with me?
A:  Porterage of one item of luggage per person.

Q:  Can I bring my non-photographer partner with me?
A:  Yes, we definitely cater for non-photographer partners. As our photo tours travel to the best locations we have a policy of catering for partners rather than leaving them stranded at a accommodation. Depending on location and numbers attending, we offer a ‘TOUR-IN-TANDEM’, which will take partners to different venues, shopping and sightseeing, we can even arrange specific themes such as a gastro tour if required. The partners will meet at the end of each day and stay at the same accommodation as their partner each night. Simply add it into the message area of your booking form so we can see if it is possible to arrange.

Q:  I’m still a learner in photography, will it be too complicated?
A:  Definitely not, you will be fine. We tutor to every level of photographic ability and as the groups are small everyone will be given personal attention and will improve.

Q:  Is there anything I should bring along and learn to use that would make a big difference to my photos?
A:  Yes, a tripod and a basic set of filters. Bringing these along and let us teach you how and when to use them. This will make a significant difference to your images.

Q:  My camera is very basic, will it be okay?
A:  We don’t specify equipment, but you will gain the most from your chosen photo tour if you have a camera that can operate on manual. Your tutor will make sure you still learn a great deal about how to make any camera work at it’s best for each situation. We will be looking at composition and framing which can be learnt using any camera and our photo tours will make even a DSLR simple to use.

Q:  I have some new equipment I’d like to learn to use, can I bring them?
A:  Yes, bring along any accessories that you would like to master, we will explain the best situations to use them and you will never look back.

Q:  Do I have to be really fit to go on a photo tour?
A:  Most of the photo tours involve walking while carrying your camera bag and tripod and your chosen refreshments, so we recommend a moderate level of fitness and comfortable shoes.

Q:  Will my photo tour still run if the weather is not good?
A:  Yes definitely, you will be able to create amazing photos regardless of the weather or temperature. Sometimes the results can be even more dramatic than usual.

Q:  Can I go on a waiting list for a photo tour?
A:  Yes, you can register with us to go on a waiting list. The best way to make sure you don’t miss out on your chosen photo tour is always to place a deposit with us for future photo tours. Simply add it into the message area of your booking form.

Q:  Can I request a destination for a photo tour?
A:  Yes, and when we have enough interest in that destination we will send out a notice to all registered members for a priority booking.

Q:  Can I arrange a Tailor-Made photo tour for a group?
A:  Yes, we can arrange a photo tour to most destinations. Email us how many people are in your group and any specific requests. We can also arrange a photo tour with another interest in mind such as golf, fishing, gastro, wine, walking or….? That way you can split your time between photography and another of your interests. You suggest it and we will look at it.

Q:  How many other people will be on my photo tour?
A:  We limit our photo tours to small groups of attendees so we can ensure you receive the photographic tuition you deserve. On most of the photo tours there will be your tutor David Still and a maximum of eight participants.

Q:  Do you take larger sized groups on photo tours?
A:  Yes. That would be possible to organise if you had a confirmed group arranged. This would be considered a “Bespoke Photo Tour” and require larger/more vehicles to transport the group. Anything is possible though, so email us with your requirements and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

If you have any more questions about tours or destinations you would like answered, feel free to contact us directly on the link below.

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