“Had an awesome day !!   Learned loads !!   Absolutely fantastic !!
Booking was easy and we were in constant contact over Email.David was amazing from start to finish. I felt like I was being taught by a friend.Whenever I was struggling or needed David to go over something again he did so with patience and good humour.
I was very amateur going into this tour and I wasn’t sure if David realised just what he was getting himself into but you wouldn’t have noticed.He helped set up my tripod in the pouring rain, helped with composition, let us play with his filters and gave us amazing tips – he made it all so easy. There wasn’t a minute of the day where we weren’t learning something new – even in the pub he explained Depth of Field and gave me feedback on my images. My confidence in my photography as increased immensely since going on this tour. My mind was about to explode with the amount I learnt – I was buzzing!! Lovely meeting you. Thanks for making it such a fun day.”  SD


“Thanks for a great day !
Have had a thoroughly enjoyable day and am soo grateful to you for the opportunity, and your generous help.
Smashing group of people and a very successful day … you were a star organising such lovely weather. Really nice to finally put a face to the name.Thanks a mil once again. Best Wishes.” JB


“Can’t wait to go on another tour. Learnt so much. David made it easy for me. Thanks.” KS


“Inspirational … Very Stimulating … Never Dull
I got to meet David Still, a man after my own heart. He was very patient and more diplomatic than I am with other people! Always smiling and trying to please. It was impressive the way David could explain technical jargon in a way we could all understand.
I tried out some new ideas with flash, multiple exposures and the movie capabilities of my new Nikon D3s.” AU


“Wow, I didn’t know learning could be so much fun! I now totally understand more of the jargon, you were born to be a tutor! I’ll definitely be doing another one soon. ” LK


“I came across David’s 1-2-1 tuition and thought I’d give it a go. From the moment I booked, David was organised with a well thought out itinerary. He combined his knowledge of well composited shots with my areas of interest too.
As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, I never had the time needed to improve my photography skills and learn more about different modes, shutter speeds, ISO and aperture settings.
My Nikon 300 Digital SLR I purchased some years back was becoming an expensive ‘point and click’ camera!
The tour went well and I captured some excellent shots.
If you can spare the time – spend time with David. A good guy and very patient.” SN


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